Dream Big

Written by ICHBA

We all can “DREAM BIG” as we consider the value of a new home. And it is easy in Iron County, with the big and open county, and such beautiful surroundings available for all to enjoy. Building in our beautiful Iron County communities, gives us the opportunity to provide a comfortable place to live for those we care for and share lives with. 

We “DREAM BIG” about new homes in Iron County because

WE LOVE IT HEREIron County is a great place to live, play, and enjoy life.  Like the outdoors? You’ll find the best in hiking, hunting, fishing, camping.  If you enjoy golf, skiing, snowmobiling, cycling, boating, or touring on motorcycles, it’s all right here.  If you like the theatre, arts, festivals, or community activities, you’ll find it here.  And we have great public schools and a liberal arts education at the top-rated Southern Utah University with collegiate sports entertainment.

THEY ARE GREAT VALUE HERE – The cost for a home here is a good value, better priced than other areas with similar amenities.  And with mortgage interest rates remaining low, you can buy more for your money.  With a lower payment you can afford a much larger home here with more of the features and conveniences you want.

IT’S THE WAY YOU WANT IT – You can design a home so it meets your individual and family needs.  It’s important today that your homes complements your life style, and provides a place for your hobbies and interests. Whether you want sewing and craft room, a great room with room for big gatherings, and spacious kitchen, or a 3-car garage, a home theater or a music room — whatever “inspires” you.  You can work with your builder to design the home of your dreams

WE HAVE THE BEST BUILDERS — You will find the most capable, skilled, and knowledgeable builders available anywhere.  Our builders are hands-on and work with you to provide the best product. Rest assured that your new home will be constructed with the highest level of care and skill possible.

LARGE VARIETY OF AREAS TO BUILD – You can choose urban, rural, or a mountain setting, with ranch or farm styles, close neighborhoods, even live on or off the grid, in a remote area or convenient right in town. We have many choices for homes throughout our area available at a good price value.  Talk to a builder or realtor to find one to meet your desires and needs. 

THEY ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT — Building technologies have improved and a new home is better insulated and ventilated, and much more energy efficient. New furnaces and air conditioners, and kitchen and household appliances have improved dramatically, and have higher efficiency ratings than ever.  Your utility bills will be inspiring.

YOU CAN FINANCE YOUR CONSTRUCTION – Construction loans, to purchase a building lot and construct a new home, are available to pay the cost to design and build your dream home. It is possible with a small down payment, to buy the lot, build your custom home, and move-in — all with a loan that converts to long term financing.