Chairperson's Message

Written by ICHBA

The 2018 Festival of Homes is bigger and better than ever.


Thank you for attending this year’s show. Speaking as the chair for the Festival of Homes committee, for our Festival home builders, and for our association members, we’d express our appreciation to you for helping make this event possible.  

We are pleased to provide you many examples of “Quality Living” in this wonderful area, which is our theme this year. We want you to see and experience the “Quality” on display in our Festival entries, and expect you’ll appreciate the incredible features and benefits that are provided.  We are seeing a many new homes being built in Iron County as many individuals and families find value in building a home to suit their desires and needs.

Our association members, including home builders and contractors, subcontractors, and others associated with building industry, are very proud to bring your this year’s Festival entries.  

We even have a special feature this year that is very unusual commercial project, renovating an old mining building into a clubhouse and office for an RV Park and, which will include a hotel, C-store, and restaurant… you’ll just have to see it. The variety of entries, from commercial renovations, and affordable homes, to very large homes will provide a broad experience. Come and see for yourself the “Quality” work of our work of our association members in providing the best in design, technology, efficiency, craftsmanship and mores.

 Come and experience “Quality Living” at the 2018 Festival of Homes.


Adam Hahn

2018 Festival of Homes Chair

Hahn Electrical Services